With reimbursement, “I’d do one of these a day,” said Dr. Hinterberger, whose 3,000 patients in the Finger Lakes region range from college professors to Mennonite farmers who tie horse-and-buggies to his parking lot’s hitching post.

I wish

I had something like the Saucony 500 Mile Challenge when I was a high schooler late to running who was trying to figure out cross country. Would’ve been cool to truly realize my potential at that age. Now all it wants to make me do is get involved with coaching a high school XC team.


Finally cracked 200 miles in a month - haven’t done that since last August. On track to get about 220 - 226 this month depending on this Sunday’s long run. Feels good to get the mileage back up!

I have always felt that reading should be a pleasure. Of course to get anything out of it you must give it your full attention, but to a healthy understanding there is nothing disagreeable in the activity of the intellect. It is however the business of an author to make your perusal of his work enjoyable. There are writers who have things to say that are interesting and useful for us to know, but by some unfortunate accident of nature they cannot say them with grace or elegance, so that to read them is a burden.

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William Somerset Maugham in Introduction to Modern English and American Literature, 1943

From what he’s read and heard, Lacianca, a science teacher, believes that 10 minutes of cross-training equals 1 mile of running. With that formula, Unionville’s 540 minutes would equal 54 miles, giving the girls the equivalent of 90 miles’ worth of aerobic conditioning per week.

Cross-Training To the Top | Running Times

Happy for these girls that they have such a great XC coach. XC coaching and science overlap nearly perfectly.

On a practical level, government employees are not allowed accept money for outside employment, so I’m not allowed accept sponsorship, sponsor bonuses or appearance fees. On another level, though, I choose that lifestyle because for me, running is not about making money; it’s about having freedom. If I’m running for money, it creates certain needs and requirements that limit my options about where I can race. I’m running for myself, my own goals and my own freedom. I have my own ambitions.

Yuki Kawauchi Runs Seventh Sub-2:10 Marathon | Running Times

Kawauchi works 40 hrs a week - one of Japan’s top marathoners.

Starting Cardiac ICU nights

this week. 7:30 PM to 10ish AM every day, most likely. Tough rotation for training. Had a good week of running last week, for the most part, though.