(Wednesday) Strength

Switched this week’s strength run from Tuesday to this evening secondary to work commitments last evening. 3x2 miles with 800 meter rest jogs. 1.5 mile warm up and 1.5 mile cool down.

Target pace: 7:16/mi

7:15 / 7:18 ; 7:15 / 7:14 ; 7:14 / 7:13

Felt really great tonight which is almost certainly a mix between taking yesterday off and actually getting my mileage back up during the past 10 days or so. Also tried out my new North Face Better Than Naked shorts and yeah…my life is changed! A really excellent product. 

Long run stuff

In honor of Chris’s post last week about long run prep I went ahead and updated a few things for my own regimen:

With the return of long runs comes the return of chafing. I’ve had better luck with my B.O.A. shorts as of late but they are a little too *thin* for longer runs. As in, I have to crop my race photos from the waist up when I wear them. So I went out and purchased some Better Than Naked (ironic, huh?) shorts from The North Face after some of the folks in the Running Shoe Geeks Facebook group were raving about them. Meg also has the BTN shorts (and singlet) and loves them when she’s not wearing her Oiselle stuff. They come in black as well (bonus, see above) and I think they will be my go-to short for the marathon in a month or so. I will give them a spin on my 16 miler this Sunday to test them out.

I also ordered some Nuun tablets for my pre-run and intra-run hydration. Definitely was lacking on that today during the miles and will need to nail that down pat in the next few weeks. They don’t leave a residue so I can throw the mix in my hydration pack without worrying about doing any long lasting damage. Plus I ordered grape and Nuun donated a cut of the sale to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Very cool. 

I’ve bounced around a bit in terms of sustenance during my runs, going from Clif Bloks to Shots and back to Bloks (again). But I keep coming back to how much I don’t like the texture of the Bloks or the aftertaste. And I tend to eat one package over the course of an hour which results in a lot of sticky Clif Shot stuff on my hands when I’m running. I’ve had good luck with the Jelly Belly beans the one or two times I’ve tried them (once for a 5K and once for a long run) so will give those a spin again in the next few weeks. I’m carrying a hydration pack for the marathon (only a few aid stations) and can easily store the Beans in that.

I’m going to try and get up early tomorrow and do my 6 before heading to the hospital. Picked up an extra shift to help out a friend but would prefer to get my running in well ahead of that.