We’ll call it a taper?

So I was obviously pretty bummed this morning when I posted - it’s been a long time since I’ve had such a completely unplanned break in running and the element of it being somewhat beyond my control was frustrating. Today was a scheduled rest day but I have a 28 hour shift tomorrow so I knew tomorrow’s tempo run was not going to occur. So I laced up the Hitogamis and did it tonight, planning to switch it out for a 12 mile easy run if the planned 1.5 mile warmup / 9 mile tempo @ 7:26/mi / 1.5 mile cool down didn’t feel right after the layoff. Thankfully things went OK and my splits were:

7:24 / 7:25 / 7:24 / 7:24 / 7:27 / 7:24 / 7:25 / 7:24 / 7:23

And I felt relatively OK. So we’ll call the unplanned break a taper and be done with it. 

Also, a shout out to Chris for the kind words of encouragement this morning. Feels good to have a Hansons vet in my corner. 

Damage control

Looking at the right -> you’ll see that I haven’t logged many miles in the past two weeks. Sadly, that’s accurate as I just finished what was arguably the most grueling rotation of my residency training. 

Doing a bit of damage control at this bit so I can get some positive momentum going again training wise - I still have two weeks of the cardiac ICU starting tomorrow so the schedule isn’t going to be much better.

Fingers crossed!

“Scusi,” I said, my voice pitched higher than intended this time. The nurse asked me to rate my pain on a scale of 1 to 10. In the past, I’d been instructed to think of 10 as the worst pain I had ever experienced. On that basis, my pain was an 8. Signora, the nurse replied, shaking his head, if it were an 8, you would be unable to speak. I lay there, contorted, wondering whether the Italians had recalibrated the scale to encompass the worst suffering over the course of human history, saving 10 for saints who were beheaded, shot full of arrows, crucified upside down, whose bones were now enshrined in churches all over the country.


Progressing through the Hansons plan. Switched my interval workout from yesterday with my planned rest day for today - legs were a little fatigued from the 10 miler on Sunday when I ran on Monday. Wanted to give them a little more time to recover.

Target time: 6:33/mile

Splits: 6:33 / 6:32 / 6:22

Felt good. Really focusing on using my arms to drive myself forward. Looking forward to a solid week of running coming up. May be going to see Shalane Flanagan in the Rock N Roll half marathon this weekend on my day off.