I know I said I never loved you / But I might just try again tonight

Counting Crows, God of Ocean Tides

Great album. 

9 miles

Slowly coming back. I naively thought I would go out on the lake front path today and do a 3x1.5 mile interval workout at 6:28 min/mile for the intervals. Quickly realized I’m way too stiff and not in it to pull off that type of workout after 10 days off, more or less, and converted it to an easy 9 mile run at 8:15/mile. Felt OK, but definitely will have a bit of a curve to climb up as I make my way back to the regular mileage after the marathon 10 days ago.

P.S. did anyone know the Hansons have a podcast?! Just search Hansons Coaching Services on the iTunes store and it’ll come up. Some good stuff there.

P.P.S. My Wave Hitogamis are starting to get up there in the mileage - I’m now at 277 miles on them. I always planned on getting about 300 miles out of them and they are definitely starting to feel a little dead. Looking forward to scoring the black and pink ones on discount for my next half. 


I was initially planning on racking up the miles this week after the marathon in order to stay fresh for the transition into half marathon training (November)/full training (January). But instead I took Step 3 on Monday and Wednesday, worked in lab dissecting mice and traveled to New York on Thursday, interviewed for a position in NYC today (Friday) and am now sitting in La Guardia patiently to return home. Maybe I’ll get some treadmill miles in when I return home but it’s doubtful.

So I’m 1/5 this week (did get some miles in on Tuesday). Not bad, not bad. May attack the trails with renewed vigor tomorrow if everything goes well I suppose.